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Estela's Riddle

What is it?
You feed it, it lives, you give it something to drink, it dies.
...the fire...

Thanksgiving Day


When we study a language we are studying about the people who speak it and their culture, society, history...
Festivities are important to understand cultural features. For this reason we are going to learn a bit more about Thanksgiving Day.


1. Where is it celebrated?
2. When is it celebrated?
3. How do they celebrate the Thanksgiving Day?
4. Which are the Thanksgiving Day symbols?
5. What do they eat in this festivity?
6. Who does The President pardon in this celebration?
7. What do they express with this celebration?


First of all read all the questions. Then, you should work in groups of four. Then answer the questions. And finally prepare an oral exposition to answer the big question. Be careful with grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and fluency.



Big question

Can you explain to the rest of the classroom a popular celebration of your country? When, why and how do you celebrate it?


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